National Presentation of Flexcraft Project

On the 28th of January, Instituto Superior Técnico hosted the FLEXCRAFT – Flexible Aircraft – project presentation, a modular aircraft that allows a reconfiguration of the cabin for different flight missions: transport of passengers and cargo; support for civil protection activities; surveillance, agriculture, among others.

The full-scale mock-up fuselage stood-out for its elegant and innovative exterior shape, with an interior detailed in its layout, geometry, materials, trim and lighting. Besides the presented “taxi” configuration, with 5 passenger seats, a virtual reality experience was added, allowing the visitors to enter an “executive” cabin and sit in the crew’s seat in a “search and rescue” cabin.

The project was developed by ALMADESIGN, INEGI, IST, SET SA and Embraer Portugal SA and was financed by Portugal 2020, under the Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization through the European Regional Development Fund.

FEB. 08, 2020