Innovative aircraft seat

Passme Seat


Improving the boarding and disembarking time by 5 minutes for a 737-800 is possible due to this aircraft seat concept. The concept reduces turnaround time by increasing the aisle width from 16’’ to 32” while boarding/disembarking, corresponding to an increment of 100% of the minimum aisle width, which reduces aisle and seat interference. The system works with a mechanical actuator on each row of 3 seats, that can be activated by the flight crew or passengers themselves. The system is only used while the aircraft is at a full stop.

For TTL and cruise the aisle and seat width are standard. Preliminary LAB testing and virtual simulation results indicate a reduction of about 5 minutes turnaround time for a 737-800 standard 1 class configuration with 180 passengers and an improved boarding experience. ALMADESIGN, OPTIMARES TUDELFT and DLR worked together in the European PASSME project to create this innovative aircraft seat.