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Rua Armando Cortez, Ed. Interface, nº 1 - 1C

2770-233 Paço de Arcos, Portugal

GPS: N: 38º 41′ 51” O: 09º 17′ 31”


PTO Rua da Criatividade, Edificios Centrais, Sala 1,67  1º andar 2510-216 Óbidos | Portugal

GPS: N: 39º 22′ 53” O: 09º 08′ 41”

+351 214 240 167

+351 919 015 400

A Lisbon Based Design Studio

Besides the quality of life, the studio headquarters in Oeiras enables a continued close contact with clients and partners.


Almadesign also has a center in the Óbidos Technological Park where it focuses its R&D activities in a creative environment near the industrial west coast area. This website is part of Almadesign internationalization project to reach new markets and strengthen its global positioning.


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