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Disrupt the urban air transport of the future



The project aims to develop products and services in an integrated way and with a single global vision, based on a demonstrator of an urban and electric multimodal transport system. This new transport system combines an autonomous electric vehicle with an autonomous aerial vehicle through the coupling/uncoupling of a passenger compartment, simultaneously allowing horizontal and vertical mobility. FLY.PT will create the necessary technological and knowledge base to address the revolution in air transport, including technologies related to the electrification of aircraft and autonomous systems. The promoting consortium is made up of 10 companies (CAETANO AERONAUTIC, SETSA, OPTIMAL, CONTROLAR, ALMADESIGN, TEKEVER II, EMPORDEF, CODI, FREZITE AND STRATOSPHERE) and 9 entities (INEGI, CEIIA, ISQ, INESC TEC, IPL, ISEP, PIEP, AEDCP and UNIV. ÉVORA).

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