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New TAP Executive

A330 Retrofit


The process of renewal of the A330 fleet is integrated in the positioning strategy of the TAP Portugal brand through the assimilation of the values of Comfort, Lusophony and Globalisation. The new interior favours the “smart freshness” concept for the Economy Class as manifested in a neutral colour environment with bright, lime green notes. The Economy Plus class inhabits neutral tones “naturetech”, evidencing greater comfort, while the Business class is associated to “Mediterranean Luxury” through references to traditional Portuguese materials. In this class the Thompson Vantage VT25 seat was customized in its Design, colour, materials and finish, into a unique version for TAP in order to increase passenger comfort and direct access to the aisle. In addition to the intervention in the seats, the cabin trim was also defined, including side panels, ceilings and stowage compartments – monuments and first row cabinets, carpets and floorings, class dividers, galley trim, lighting systems, IFE systems and lavatory colours and materials. The improvement of the interior design, reinforcement of the brand identity, increase in aircraft capacity and new class segmentation, are part of the new strategy focussed on sustainability and competitiveness.

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