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New generation

Alfa Pendular


CPA 4000 series trains have been running since 1999. They have covered over 41 million kilometers from north to south of Portugal, carrying 26 million passengers. After 16 years of service, taking advantage of the need for half-life maintenance, we took the opportunity to carry out thorough interior and exterior refurbishment. The refurbishment process, was designed to offer a brand new image of the product and its service, improve passenger comfort, install new technologies and simpler maintenance, into four main areas: Exterior - new colours, livery and signage; Interior - choice of materials, colours and finishes for Comfort and Tourism classes, new lighting system, new seat foams, upholstery and accessories; Toilets and Bars - new design; Signage - new pictograms and signage system for the interior. The refurbishing process aimed to achieve a new image of the product and associated service, improve passenger comfort, integrate new technologies and simplify maintenance processes in four main areas: Exterior, Interior, WC / Bar and Signage.

At the exterior level, the design challenge consisted in enhancing a modern, dynamic and premium look to the service, with a new livery proposal that sought to simplify the application and maintenance process. The chosen colors contribute to a better brand communication and service and are dynamically integrated into the landscape. The identity of the CP operator has also been strengthened by the introduction of large logos and a lime green strip that runs along the train. All exterior signage has been renewed, allowing passengers to easily identify the carriage number, the entry doors and the various services provided by the operator. For the interior signage design, a whole new system of pictograms was created. In the entrance hall, the identification of each carriage was improved by means of large colored numbers, available service information and pictograms for passenger guidance within the train. The seat numbering was revised and the CP identity reinforced with the application of logos in quality materials at the top of each carriage.

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