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New generation

Alfa Pendular Interior


In the Interior, new materials, colors and finishes were defined for the Comfort and Tourist halls, with a reinforcement of the brand identity. The use of high quality materials, resistant and with easy maintenance increased the perception of comfort and quality. The differentiation between the two environments stand out, classic and of nautical inspiration in the class Comfort, modern and of natural inspiration in the Tourist class. At the equipment level there was a total refurbishment of the seats with a new design of the foams for comfort, new seat covers in natural leather and new accessories, which now include electrical outlets for charging portable devices. The entire LED lighting system is new, all the side panels were refurbished and a specific design for the carpet and bulkheads was developed.

The product development process took place over 22 months, from the definition of requirements and specifications, to research on user preferences and operators' needs, to concept generation, product development for prototyping, mock-up build, production and monitoring of industrialization, until the launch of the new product.
These activities involved a very close partnership between Almadesign and EMEF engineering team but also with all stakeholders: from operator and final customer CP, to component suppliers and integrators of the different modules. The design was the pivot of management and articulation of the different competences, converging towards a common vision.
The new Toilet design privileges the perception of habitability and cleanliness of the space, through the use of a mirrored surface and a balcony throughout the space length, and through a greater integration of different panels and new accessories as hangers, favoring the reduction of the number of parts and joints. The design was complemented by the appropriate choice of colors, materials, finishes and the careful treatment of LED lighting as well as a selection of off-the-shelve components that greatly improved the user interface.

The Toilet design also focused PRM version. Also in this case, design opted for a better habitability and space cleaning, integrating panels and components in the best way to facilitate maintenance. The inclusion of the phenolic wood effect panels helps to create a visual continuity with the remaining interior spaces concerning materials and finishes.
The Bar was completely redesigned, refurbishing some existing technical equipment and renovating all the furniture for greater functionality and comfort of the passengers and operators. The use of materials with natural finishes and discreet and integrated LED lighting contribute to the modernity of the environment. Flowing lines, the addition of larger balcony areas and the integration of new accessories enhance the functionality and invite the passenger to stay longer.

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