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First All-eletric commuter



Alice is the first all-electric commuter capable of flying 9 passengers at 240 knots for a range of up to 650 miles, creating a brand-new experience for a zero emissions regional aircraft, quieter, cleaner and cost-effective. Almadesign worked closely with Eviation to design, develop and build the cabin interior prototype.

Several innovations were developed during the project such as a composite tapering fuselage, a customized cabin interior featuring a staggered reverse herringbone seating arrangement, with passengers angled towards the extra-large cabin windows, new business class seats, a small lavatory and a brand new cockpit design. A modular system was designed to integrate the cabin parts in the fuselage shape. A high-end aesthetic with feasible production processes was developed. From the seats to the side consoles, weight was a major concern, with advanced composite materials and aluminum structures employed to produce lightweight parts. Detailed parts such as polished aluminum logos on top of high gloss surfaces were used to enhance the brand elements. The cockpit proved to be a challenge, as the fuselage is heavily tapered towards the nose and the windscreen is unusually large. Ergonomic constraints (external visibility, free space, reach zones) had to be considered during the integration of the cockpit, switches, flight controls while maintaining a coherent design language, a functional and comfortable workspace and a high-end look and feel for the pilots.

Air carriers, like their ground mobility peers, are moving to replace expensive, aging fleets with electric options that dramatically reduce maintenance and operating costs. Almadesign is addressing the challenges of future mobility, presenting a viable path to an on-demand mobility alternative in the face of rising pressure for environmentally sustainable solutions.

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