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Powered by the sun

Cat 12.0


Moved by solar power, the Sunconcept CAT 12.0 is a catamaran which stands out for its sustainability, eco-efficiency, silence and comfort. In addition to integrating solar panels across the surface of the bimini, the model was developed to meet the needs of tour operators, companies and entrepreneurs through the integration of different interior layouts: lounge deck for events, open deck for aquaculture support work and/or fishing, or day cruise deck with two suites, ideal for families. The light and neutral tones of the materials used both on the deck and in the compartments of the floats provide a pleasant home feeling environment for passengers.

The use of modular components allowed to optimize the capacity of catamaran's operation to 25 to 45 people and a 28 m2 of useful deck area, thus contributing to the growth of the maritime- tourism sector in Portugal.

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