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Refurbish "Dona Tututa" ship

CV Interilhas


In early 2021, the Portuguese group ETE challenged Almadesign for the project to refurbish "Dona Tututa" ship. The CV Interilhas vessel, intended to transport passengers and cargo, operating in Cape Verde, on the tourist islands of Sal and Boavista.
On the exterior, the design challenge consisted in assigning a modern look with a new livery proposal, where the Atlantic blue contrasts with the light gray and CV Interilhas branding stands out. Inside the vessel, the main objective was to improve the travel experience, comfort and safety of 220 passengers and crew.
New materials, colors and finishes were defined, with total refurbishing of the seats, lighting system, ceilings and flooring. The combination of the natural oak flooring with the seats in dark blue and neutral tones reinforces the nautical side in contrast to a yellow stripe that runs through the halls and integrates the signage and brings emotion to the vessel interior. In the bar and WC, the focus was on functionality combined with the integration of new materials and equipment.
The remodeling process took place at the Navaltagus shipyard, in Seixal, where it has been reconfigured since April 2020, and implied a very close involvement of Almadesign to create a common vision.

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