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Construction of electric ferry



The shipyards Navalrocha and Navaltagus, companies of the ETE GROUP, led a portuguese consortium to build the first 100% electric ferry in Portugal. The ferry will be part of the Aveirobus operation, making daily connection between S. Jacinto and Forte da Barra, at the Aveiro estuary. With completion expected in 2022, the project combines national competencies with the incorporation of new technologies through the experience and know-how of the companies, in the shipping industry. The new ferry will improve passenger comfort and contribute to an efficient operation with reduction of CO2 emissions. With greater capacity to transport passengers and vehicles, it will contribute to the growth of tourism in the region.

The construction of the ferry operating in the national territory reinforces the ETE Group's commitment to electric mobility and environmental sustainability. From concept to design, from engineering to construction, it will be developed by national companies (ETE Group, Almadesign, Tomás Costa Lima Design and Vera Navis).

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