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Powered by hydrogen

H2.City Gold


The H2.City Gold is the new Caetano electric bus powered by hydrogen. This is an innovative solution that enhances the economic and environmental benefits of hydrogen, moving towards a carbon-free society. Almadesign, together with Caetano team, helped design and develop the new solution, towards a zero-emission urban mobility solution.
The H2.City Gold stands out due to its modular design, longer range, capacity, comfort, safety and easy use. The passengers have a great comfort level and accessibility, with the possibility of different interior layouts, offering solutions for each operator. Accessibility is achieved by a flat floor and the possibility to choose the location of the PMR ramp in any of the frontal and central doors, reinforcing inclusiveness for all passengers. The batteries, the hydrogen tanks and the fuel cell stack are located on the roof to optimise the interior space.

The Caetano design language was developed further in this model, using some of the components from the battery electric version, but updating it and bringing the brand to the next level. Almadesign together with its clients and partners is focused on answering the increase in demand for eco-efficient transport (lighter solutions, greener materials, reuse strategies, fleet optimization) particularly in urban environments. The reduction of air and noise pollution and the priority to the use of public transport is our vision towards increasing the quality of life in cities.

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