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Driving Process



The project for BASF – We create chemistry - consisted of designing, developing and producing demonstrators of the application of the company's products. To this end, three steering wheels for the automotive industry were developed to better communicate the company's solutions at international trade shows and fairs. The project went through the design of customized solutions for the different markets, European, South American and Asian: Classic Sport concept in a traditional style; Hypersport concept in a futuristic perspective and Naturetech concept of natural inspiration, were all developed by Almadesign from concept sketches to final prototype. The three concepts are formally distinct and evidence different properties of material and finish, functionality, aesthetics or protection/durability, reinforcing BASF's role as the world leader in chemical products for automotive interiors.

In the construction of the different steering wheels, Almadesign articulated innovative processes of rapid prototyping to the traditional mastery of the upholstery artisans. Almadesign has also been responsible for the communication media/exhibition and transport boxes for the prototypes, so that they could be exhibited in different parts of the world.

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