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A new vision for commercial aircraft

Newface Boxwing


Passenger traffic will increase, as well a growing “Active senior” population that demands accessibility, comfort and usability in aircraft cabins. The Boxwing concept is a new vision for commercial aircraft able to accommodate different passengers and their needs: from big groups to the professional committed flyers. Universal design principles were applied to the cabin design, creating improved accessibility for all. The proposed Boxwing configuration leads to aerodynamic efficiencies with weight savings enabled by the use of advanced composites materials and manufacturing, which increase its operational efficiency. The large cross section allows for a two-aisle configuration for faster boarding/deboarding and greater passenger comfort in all seats (direct aisle access). A blend of natural materials with flexible electronics allow for intuitive interfaces, creating personal bonding and empathy. Passengers enjoy a full, permanent connection creating a fully customized flight experience. Boxwing operational efficiency reflects the airlines’ increase awareness of environment factors, and the will to minimize the ecological footprint per passenger in order to contribute to a sustainable future. The project was passenger and sustainability driven, to deliver an efficient and humanized travel solution, materialized into a range of future concept proposals. During the project, the selected concepts were developed, sized, checked for technical norms and ergonomic constraints.

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