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Stress-free Journey



Passme is Almadesign first H2020 European project. The project aim is to reduce door-to-door air travel time in the EU by 60 minutes and make the airport experience less stressful and more enjoyable for passengers. Funded by the EU’s “Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme”, PASSME brings together experts in aviation, transport, human factors, design, technology and communications.

The project focuses on four breakthroughs which were prototyped, implemented, tested and validated using simulations tools and real environment settings: 1- Real-time passenger-centric system for managing passenger flows; 2- Passenger independent system for managing luggage flows; 3- Focuses on redesigned passenger-centric airport and aircraft interiors and 4- Personalized device and smartphone API. Almadesign was “Work Package 5” leader, developing new design solutions for airport and aircraft interiors. Areas such as the check-in, luggage drop-off, security, boarding gates and aircraft interior were studied and redesigned in order to reduce unwanted time spent at the airport, reduce passenger stress and improve the overall travel experience.

Almadesign was also developed design solutions for other WPs together with project partners such as the PASSME passenger segmentation flow mapping, user-interface design for the personalized API and for the passenger-centric forecast system, 360º visualizations for virtual environment testing, hardware design for security procedure improvement, and a new seat design concept and boarding process for the aircraft.

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