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The CORE 40 MVA Transformer was designed as a modular product that allows an easy assembly and disassembly process, greater safety and ergonomics in the manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance of the equipment. The concept allows the same equipment to receive new features at the pace of customer needs, combining high-performance, safety, reliability and digital connectivity. It also allows for a greater efficiency in the design and production processes as well as in the end-of-life disassembly and reclycing, increasing product’s competitiveness and sustainability. The reduction achieved in the equipment weight and compact size will minimize the costs and complexity of transport logistics, as well as the ecological footprint, particularly in urban environments. The modular system will be applied in the Transformers portfolio in equipment from 10MVA to 170MVA and up to 400kV and includes a range of innovative solutions in the architecture and assembly of external components, adding new functions, such as mechanical protection, noise, ultraviolet and ballistics, which improve the performance, durability and reliability of the product in the most diverse applications, whether urban or in extreme environments.

The concept was patented under the international patent “Modular system for applications in transformers No. PCT/IB2020/052435”, and will be applied across a range of EFACEC products, providing a coherent product architecture, design language and technological solutions to a whole segment of transformers. With this concept, transformers will be prepared for the era of digitalization and Industry 4.0., allowing them to power new features and applications in the digital management of networks and equipment.

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