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Future City Water Taxi

Water Taxi


In 2014 Almadesign was challenged by the international architecture studio HOK to participate in the design of urban public transport vehicles. The project was aimed at the Jeddah Metro tender for the development of the future transport system of this Saudi Arabia city, with ambitious goals of efficiency and sustainability for 2025-2030. Based on a current context in which 90% of mobility is carried out by private vehicles with combustion engines, Almadesign's intervention includes the design of the vehicles for the Metro, BRT, Tram, Urban Bus and Water Taxi. In the approach to each proposal, we tried to understand the specific characteristics of the city and of each of the routes of the transport system’s routes. The use of non-polluting electric mobility platforms, the understanding of local habits, culture and aesthetics, and a search for solutions to the functional problems of a seaside city with very

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