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Automatic barrier gate for level crossing

XBarrier 100


Level Crossing systems are essential for a safe cohabitation between rail and road traffic. In 2020, Efacec designed, prototyped and built a new concept of Level Crossing Barrier – the XBarrier 100 – bringing technology and design together in an innovative, appealing new concept. With a simple, minimal design approach, the product features rounded corners and a continuous side profile which create a contemporary silhouette and functional, safe and easy to clean surfaces.

The product reinforces the resistance to adverse weather conditions and can operate in temperature ranges from -40ºC to +70ºC, considering the possibility of ice formation and accumulation (both in the mechanism and the rod) as well as the presence of snow and wind speeds of up to 120km/h. The design includes a new counterweight system, necessary for the controlled movement of the barrier’s rod, which can reach up to 7 m in length. It is fully modular and adjustable, allowing for an easy assembly and installation. A set of springs mounted inside the mechanism is used to avoid the use of an external counterweight, simplifying the design and reducing the number of parts while still protecting users and workers.

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