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Strengthen Portugal's positioning



The Aero.Next Portugal Agenda aims to reinforce Portugal's position in the aeronautical value chain and consolidate the cluster associated with it through complete, complex products with high added value. To this end, it will ensure Portugal's dominance throughout the design, development, industrialization and commercialization phases, making the country a relevant center for decision-making in aeronautics, reducing its dependence on the outside and triggering strong knock-on effects on the national economy. For this purpose, it brings together a wide range of entities with strong and complementary skills for the development of the aeronautical ecosystem, with a view to promoting innovation, based on a strong knowledge of the market and on the paradigms of Digital Transition and Climate Transition. It maximizes existing assets in the country and promotes investment in more than one NUTS2, with emphasis on the case of Alentejo, with positive impacts on territorial cohesion.

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