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Opinião de Arial do campo verde

Mobility Strategy for Carbon Neutrality in Cities



Be.Neutral seeks to position Portugal as an exporter of cyber-physical zero-carbon mobility products to cities around the world. Its design arose from an opportunity to develop, industrialise, and operate new mobility products and services (physical devices, connectivity and data science platforms) that are able to quantify the emissions avoided in real time so as to accelerate carbon neutrality by 2030.

The participation of Almadesign-Conceito e Desenvolvimento de Design, Lda seeks to develop a zero carbon bus - project's WP5. This WP includes 4 projects: 1) R&D for lightweight and zero-carbon buses; 2) Productive innovation to adapt the lightweight and zero-carbon bus production line; 3) Disclosure and promotion; and 4) New Generation Bus R&D.

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