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Innovative Railway Interior Systems



The IRIS project aims to design and develop a set of prototypes for four complementary subsystems of train interiors - Side panels / window, ceiling, luggage racks and air conditioning ducts. It is intended to improve the manufacture and integration of these components, reduce operating costs and improve passenger comfort by raising the attractiveness and competitiveness of the system.

The project brings together several technological advances based on a concept of modular, flexible and standardized construction, with the integration of electronic systems and exploration of technologies such as Resin Transfer Molding or Machine Learning in response to the main challenges of railway operators. It is expected an intelligent approach to structural, comfort and safety functionalities - reduction of component weight of the composite, use of recycled materials and study various mounting strategies - as well as the development of innovative features - active and dynamic information signs directed at the passenger, security warnings, ambient lighting with autonomous management, local heating - which will add greater value to train interiors.

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